Recent Activities In & Out of Town

Bullet Points!

  • I Participate in board meetings of the Paso Robles Housing Authority and of Main Street as your City Council liaison.
  • I prepare thoroughly, with cross checking, for all items on our City Council agendas and am a leader in the meetings.
  • I directly participate in acquiring the funding for our transportation infrastructure and our water and waste water infrstructure.
  • I am a leader in defending local control of transportation and land use decisions at the regional and state levels of government.
  • I have saved the taxpayers millions of dollars by initiating a change to our construction contracts.
  • I have supported adequate salaries to attract the best people for our administration and saved millions of dollars in General Fund payouts for "matching funds" in the process.
  • I represent Paso Robles at SLOCOG to get regional support and money for local transportation projects
  • I represent our region at the State and National level to bring already paid and allocated tax money back to the local area for our benefit
  • Through the pre-requisit of holding my local government office:, I represent San Luis Obispo County at the State and National level on transportation, economic development, and the environment.
  • Through meeting the above and election by local elect officials from throughout the United States at both city and county levels, I represent the entire nation in Washington, DC, on issues of transportation, economic development, environment and public safety.
  • I have been a state and national leader, through these positions, on crude oil by rail safety, infrastructure funding and retaining local control of project decisions.
  • The City of Paso Robles is a member of the League of California Cities. I have been the city's official voting delegate to the League's annual convention for 10 of my 12 years in office, including this year.
  • At the League I serve on two policy committees: Revenue & Taxation and Housing, Community and Economic Development (HCED). I have been chairman of both committees within the past four years. These committees develop official positions protecting local interests and the health, safety an general welfare of our citizens at the State level. [You can find out more on The League at
  • I have been directly involved in solving water problems in California by creating new opportunities for infrastructure and storage.
  • I have been active on State legislation to protect our health and safety as well as protect our local control and local revenues.
  • Prior to public office I taught the statewide course for public officials on land use rules and regulations. I also wrote a Planning Commission manual for some jurisictions, including The City of San Luis Obispo. 

As the former editor of your local newspapers, other newsprint publications in our area, The Bay Area and the Mid-West I tend to author things in the third person with a narative style. I believe it is more pleasant and respectful than bullet points and always saying me, myself and I.

Therefore, as background:

Fred has responsibilities given him by our City Council to represent our city at the San Luis Obispo Council Of Governments (SLOCOG). SLOCOG is made up of one representative from each city and the entire Board of Supervisors with a non-voting representative from CalTrans.

SLOCOG also has relationships and memberships in other regional, statewide and national organizations such as LOSSAN, CALCOG and NARC. Fred has been chosen unanimously by the SLOCOG Board to represent our region at ALL of these. He is highly respected by local elected officials across the political spectrum. Membership in SLOCOG automatically includes the same membership in SLORTA (San Luis Obispo Regional Transit Authority). However, since 2014, Fred's alternate (Mayor Steve Martin) has wanted to act in his stead on SLORTA and Fred has permitted this at most meetings of SLORTA. Fred believes in cooperation with others.

LOSSAN  (Los Angeles/San Diego/San Luis Obispo Rail Authority) is the locally controlled managing agency of the Pacific Surfliner Intercity Passenger Rail service from San Diego to San Luis Obispo with planned service extensions to San Jose, pending approval through the State Legislature and the State Rail Plan.

CALCOG (California Councils Of Governments, an association) is an association of regional planning and transportation agencies throughout the State of California, based in Sacramento, for purposes of cooperation, education, research and legislative monitoring and comment.

NARC  (National Association of Regional Councils) is a national organization based in Washington, DC, for similar purposes to CALCOG at the national level with a legislative advocacy arm. It is moving its HQ into a joint tenancy with the National League of Cities (NLC)  and National Association of Counties (NACO). It is one of the most influential organizations at national government concerning "local" issues because it has two boards of directors: one of  local electeds only and one of regional CEOs only. 

League of California Cities (The League) is an association of the 480+ cities in California for similar purposes to CALCOG for cities. The League is considered one of the most influential organizations in Sacramento on legislation and regulations regarding local government issues. It sponsored the Constitutional Amenment that now prevents The State from taking city funds without due process.

Fred's personal involvement:

Fred represents you and, at times, a broader constituency at all of these organizations through his being on the Paso Robles City Council and being subsequently elected or appointed by higher government bodies.

Fred has perfect attendance records at all of these organizations (except when two or more meetings were conflicting - which was less than six times in 10+ years). His combined duties representing you have taken an average of 200 hours a month over the past decade+. He has championed local control of governance and protection of citizen involvement and transparency of government actions throughout his public career(s). Prior to activity within these organizations Fred was the Legislative Advocate for the California Homeowners Association in Sacramento and the combined Concerned Citizens of California  regional organizations in Washington, DC. He has been the "outsider" elected by the people to sit inside government as the public's watchdog. He has carried that over consistently into these organizations.


Fred has represented Paso Robles ever since former Mayor Mecham surrendered the position in mid-2006. A few years later he was appointed the alternate delegate to LOSSAN where he became the most regularly attending representative of SLOCOG and was appointed to some of LOSSAN's sub-committees as the only alternate to ever be given that honor. He became  SLOCOG's delegate in 2008 and has held that position since. 

Fred was elected Vice-President of SLOCOG in 2011 and President in 2012. He served on the Executive Committee from 2011 through 2013.

He was unanimously elected to represent SLOCOG at CALCOG and also became its representative to NARC in 2012.


Fred worked diligently during his eight years of regular attendance, and chairmanship to see that Paso Robles had good regional connections and efficient, cost effective local public transit throughout his term of service. He has overseen the transition of local bus service from city operation to regional operation at large savings for the city's budget during his term of office.

Fred was elected to the Vice-presidency and Presidency concurrently with his elections for SLOCOG.



Fred began his service on LOSSAN as the alternate delegate in 2010 and became the delegate in 2011.

He was elected vice-chairman of the board in 2013 and ascended to the presidency in March of that year when the previous president lost his seat on the board. He was re-elected in 2014 and led the organization through its State requirements to become an indepenent managing agency of the Pacific Surfliner. He surrendered the presidency in 2015 and has been on the Board and Executive Committee ever since. During his presidency he chaired all of the meetings of the presidential council of all of the passenger railroad agencies of California. He has represented LOSSAN in Sacramento numerous times over the past eight years and testified at hearings on legislative activities involving rail.


Fred has been the only President/Chairman of the Board from outside of the Los Angeles/Orange County/San Diego area in the history of the agency. He has championed the cause of two additional train stops in Paso Robles daily and has mothered it into the long range plan of the agency. He watchdogs our interests and those of all travelers on the corridor on a regular basis.


Fred became our delegate to  CALCOG in 2012. He was quickly elected to the Board of Directors and, a year later, to the Executive Committee representing all of the "small" regions of the state.

Fred contributes to the educational conferences as both participant and panelist. Fred has worked with the CEO of CALCOG since he was hired and even before that as his staff person at The League for his Revenue and Taxation Policy Committee. Fred attends special meetings to educate our State Legislators on the interests and needs  of local regions.

He was instrumental in getting CALCOG to become a member of NARC in 2014. Through his efforts CALCOG will be hosting the Annual Conference of NARC on the Central Coast in 2017.


At the Board meeting in South Bend, IN, on September 21, 2016, he introduce a proposal for further study and action to eliminate all fuel, sales and weight taxes or fees on vehicles in favor of a single fair highway, street and road fee based upon the actual use of these public roads by vehicles according to their weight and actual pavement use. Refinements include privacy protection, weight calculations and apportionment of fees to appropriate jurisictions electronically so that all roads get fair and equitable funding for repair and maintenance based upon actual use.

At the June annual convention he was re-elected to a third two year term on the Board of Directors which ends in June 2018.

Fred was appointed the first representative of  SLOCOG at NARC in Mid-2012. He has represented SLOCOG ever since. 

His first meeting was unique as he became instantly recognized as a leader and appropriate representative of our regions nationally. On the third day of the Annual meeting in St. Petersburg, FL, he was nominated by Massachusetts, seconded by California and unanimously elected to represent the collective regions of the United States on the Board of Directors for 2012 - 2014. In 2014 he was nominated by Indiana/Michigan and Wisconsin, seconded by Texas and unanimously re-elected for 2014-2016. In 2016 he was nominated by California, seconded by Florida and unanimously re-elected for 2016-2018. Following his first election to the Board, the president appointed him as Transportation Committee Policy Chairman. He has been re-appointed by every president since then and is serving his fifth term representing the regions of the United States with the Federal Government in all areas of transportation. At every national conference in 2013 - 2016 Fred has chaired at least one national meeting on transportation with guest speakers including members of the President's Cabinet and Under Secretaries or department heads of the United States' DOT. Expert panels have frequently included Fred as a panelist at the national level as well as at statewide California conferences on rail issues in  Sacramento and/or Los Angeles (related also to LOSSAN).

Fred became actively involved with the Secretary of Transportation and the Departtment of Transportation (DOT) and sub-departments such as the Federal Rail Authoprity (FRA) in securing approval for maintenance, repair and congestion relief for our highways, rail and sea ports. His efforts at funding have been held hostage by a polarized Congress. However, in 2016 he was a leader in getting the first 5-year  transportation re-authorization in over a decade passed through a bi-partisan effort. Fred has become a welcomed consultant, as a local elected official, for the staff of the House and Senate committees on transportation generally and specifically on rail and port development.

Fred worked directly with the person in charge at the FRA and at the White House in getting more stringent regulations regarding the transportation of volatile crude oil by rail issued in 2015. Those regulations, however, will take up to five years before they are fully implemented due to maufacturing capacity and technological factors that must be worked out prior to full implementation. Meanwhile, all of them are being implemented on a priority basis as their precedent actions are completed.

He is fortunate that he is a "player" in getting some of these things done on the passenger train side through his positions on LOSSAN.

Fred is staying in close touch with these officials and monitoring progress, as long as he retains his current positions.