Philosophy of Governance

I have always believed that change can best be accomplished within the mainstream of the political movements rather than on the fringes. Most people who see my voting record and watch me in the political forum rate me as a moderate who works very hard to achieve major goals by bringing people together rather than using the tactic of divide and conquer. I do not look upon political responsibility as a contest for conquest or power but rather one of enlightened leadership that embraces all humans who aspire to greatness.

Between 1977 and 1981 I worked on numerous amendments to State and local laws, studies, State Policy documents involving state-wide planning and policies in the fields of commercial, industrial and residential development, transportation, water, waste disposal, timber harvests, mine reclamation projects, dams, geologic research and policies involving public safety, public finances and tax policies and procedures.

Today I fight for political decisions to be made primarily at the local level with reasonable citizen input, better transportation infrastructure, economic development and new jobs, fiscal responsibility, conservation and development of our natural resources, enlightened criminal codes and incarceration processes and procedures, protection of people and property by Constitutional means that respect individual freedom and policy by the will of the majority with respect for minorities’ rights within our economic means to do so.

I believe in dealing rationally with issues based upon fact with consideration for thoughtful and thorough professional opinions. I do not act upon "fear" driven or "fear inducing" solutions to difficulties. Rather, I look to the underlying cause of the "fear" and seek to find legal ways to eliminate as much of the cause as possible.

As an extreme example: I seek to protect my constituents from negative effects upon their life, health and general welfare. However, I cannot totally protect them individually from acts of war or terrorism.

I constantly seek to provide the services, resources and infrastructure needed for people's legitimate goals in life within the means provided to do so. I know that there is no "free lunch." When people express a desire for additional services, resources or infrastructure I will work with them to identify and secure a monetary source with a relationship to their request before implementing a project.

As an example: lack of money to repair and maintain our roads was solved, in part, by our citizens working with us to raise our local sales tax portion by ½ cent. We pledged to use that money to help solve the problem and we have been keeping our word. We have a tax oversite committee of citizens that monitor and have confirmed it.

In November 2016 SLOCOG is seeking additional money to do the same. The studies done indicate that over 50% of the money secured will come from visitors to our county. It also pledges 55% of the money directly to local cities and the county for transportation projects with expenitures monitored by the public in a manner similar to that of Paso Robles' general sales tax measure.