Distinct vision for the future of Paso Robles:

Fred has been one of the primary people who have built the reputation of Paso Robles, statewide, as a community to be envied for its prudent, forward thinking and cohesive Council and City. He continues to work hard for the best interests of the City at all times. He has been a volunteer and participant in the evolution of Paso Robles from a sleepy agricultural community to the vibrant, friendly and successful community it is today. Fred always tries to build consensus. He says that he is a “team player” and also emphasizes that, “It is not me that is important. It is us.”

However, collaboration is difficult with some people who refuse to hear anyone who doesn't agree with them. When asked not to communicate with a specific person, or group, he respects their wishes and ceases communication. He respects their wishes and their privacy.

Fred believes in a total approach to being a City Council Member. No one is an island. Neither is a city.

He has been actively involved in issues and opportunities at every level of government and community life since he was a teenager. He has proven that he can make things work together and get things done with cooperation from people exhibiting a positive attitude, while also respecting the opinions of people who do not want information nor cooperation. 

When he learns of an issue, he moves quickly to: (1) resolve it if he knows how, (2) turn it into an opportunity for greater good for everyone if he can discover a way or (3) research the issue in greater depth before deciding upon any action or proposal.

To do the above he: (1) seeks information and opinions from interested parties, professionals in the area of concern, government staff at the appropriate level(s) – city, county, state or national, (2) uses his personal library of materials gathered across the State and Nation with in-depth materials for the State of California, San Luis Obispo County and Paso Robles dating back over half a century  and (3) does additional research, if necessary, on the world wide web with a cross check for reliability of the information.

Fred responds as reasonably as possible to nearly all inquiries within the heavy schedule of activities he conducts doing his job as City Councilmember. His City Council job involves approximately 50 hours a week with the responsibilities he has accepted in that regard. He represents the City Council; the City of Paso Robles; the cities within the counties of San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara and Ventura; and the President of the League of California Cities on various boards, agencies, corporations and policy committees throughout the region and state. He also represents the entire United States and its territories on an important national board of directors.

Through his broad, official activities Fred interacts with elected government officials and government departments at all levels of government that pertain to saving taxpayers’ money, getting tax money back to the local level, saving us from State and Federal raids on our funds, preserving our ability to make local decisions about local affairs, encouraging cooperation instead of bullying between levels of government, promoting incentives and assistance rather than punishment for implementation of State mandates and getting needed projects done. In this regard, in the last eight years, he has been involved in securing over $100 million in funding for local projects involving transportation needs, utilities, recreation, advanced planning, saving and creating jobs, law enforcement, public safety, workforce and low income housing, and advanced planning. Fred has been actively involved, at the State level on your behalf, regarding realistic housing mandates; fairness in sales, use and transient occupancy taxes; the State budget process; securing and distributing State bond funds; fairness in State attempts to take away existing water entitlements and permits and impose State water rationing; and many more.

Fred has been the primary proponent of not solving one issue by creating another, such as restricting downtown parking without providing parking and transportation alternatives for downtown employees and store owners. He constantly watches for what are called “unintended consequences” and diligently opposes and offers alternatives to unwise decisions. He tries very hard to offer fairness to every citizen without giving special consideration to any one citizen over another.

Fred has capped the payments on nearly every professional services contract the City entered into during his time in office. He prompted the discussion and made, seconded or amended the motions in order to get that done. The savings are in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Those savings, and his other efforts, allowed the City to accomplish more improvement projects in the past eight years, without additional general obligation bond funding, than at nearly any other like period in the City’s history.

Fred says, “I recognize that I cannot please everyone on every decision made. I can only do my best as a concerned, involved and caring human being. Humans are just that: human. I have probably made a few mistakes, in some people’s minds. I can only hope that they see the good decisions also. I believe I have been, and will continue to be, good for the City of El Paso de Robles. I trust the people to continue me in office so that I can bring them the best opportunities and services to be had within our means at any given time.”